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Sinking Like a Sunset

Today I finished a piece to go with a collection of circular themed acrylic paintings I been working on. I’ve decided to call this one, Sinking Like a Sunset.

Check out my Instagram feed for more art stills and videos showing details of this piece and others finished and in the works…@perkreaions

As I painted I kept hearing the 90’s power balled, Sinking Like a Sunset, by Tom Cochrane. It whirled round in my brain, to the point it drowned out whatever I was actually listening too. I’m not sure I understand why. I haven’t heard that song in years.

Whatever the reason I sure am thankful to Tom Cochrane for inspiring me with such a great song. I experimented with new textures and dripping techniques with this piece. I allowed myself to stray from the formula I’d used on previous paintings in the collection. This one is very different but I still think it fits. It’s a stretch, but a stretch I’m very happy with.

It’s always nice to finish a painting hearing that sense that comes from somewhere secret, deep inside, and says, “stop! This is where this one ends.”

If I fail to listen and press on with my brush, fighting past my intuition, I’ll soon find I’ve overworked it and it’s past the point of no return. This type of piece generally ends up in the gesso pile. I’ll wipe it back to white and start anew someday.

If I listen to my instincts and stop, I stand back to contemplate and look from different angles. I can’t help but smile as I nod and initial my work. I’m glad I stopped when I did.

I’m proud of this painting. This collection has become more and more cathartic, challenging, and emotional the more I paint. I’m so thankful to have this medium as a creative outlet. I cannot imagine my life without art๐ŸŽจ

Check out other pieces from my Spinning Sky Series as well as videos and stills of other art, on my Instagram feed @perkreations ๐Ÿ’–



Love Trolling

It seems to me the anonymity of modern technology has led to a culture often focused on mean. I too have occasionally capitulated to the urge to call others out for trolling which I see as nothing more than a bully’s wet dream and a filthy one at that. But trolling trolls is truly futile and has never once brought me a feeling of joy or peace or productivity. So I’ve decided to change tack and try something different and I have dubbed it, Love Trolling. On my Instagram account @perkreations I post pictures of my sketches, finished drawings, paintings, and photos. I began following a lot of other artists to begin with and offering words of praise and encouragement wherever I could… but that’s not Love Trolling, that’s just wanting to be a positive force.

Love Trolling came to be after falling down a number of Instagram rabbit holes regarding mental helth and I kept coming across individuals suffering from many all too familiar mental maladies such as self harm, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, self hatred, shame, and general mental anguish.

I couldn’t help but notice the number of blatant cries for help, screams for love and a little understanding. I couldn’t believe the number of nasty, trolling responses these people were frequently subjected to rather than simple empathy or saying nothing at all.

I decided then and there to counter this anonymous hatred with anonymous love. I am not a social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist or medical professional of any kind but I can reach out and offer more than a shred of kindness.

My first:

“I know I’m not in your shoes, living your life but I have been suicidal and I have self harmed. For me it took spending time in a psychiatric ward and coping with the effects of malnutrition because I’d been eating so poorly. I also went to group therapy and continue individual therapy along with medication. Things have begun to look a little better now in spite of some challenges I still have.

Try to be strong even though things suck right now. You ARE worth taking care of. You are. I promise.”

Moments later I received personal notes of thanks, even though they weren’t needed, from that particular individual as well as a couple of their friends. We’ve gone on to keep in touch and encourage each others art and lives.

I’ve reached out to others too. I’m by no means saying I’ve come close to fixing anything but by showing love whenever I can I truly hope it has had some small positive effect in the world. I can tell you this for sure, Love Trolling has brought me a sense of purpose, peace, and reflected self love.

I dare you to give it a try…


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