Self portrait in acrylic I did in May 2016

About me…

Depression, anxiety, chronic pain, grief, social phobias, guilt… these are my constant companions. I’m not here to whine, preach, or tell some sanitized, after-school-special-style tale about overcoming illness and adversity. We all face adversity. That’s the shite left out of the users manual to life.

To help me therapeutically I have used writing both fiction and non. In 2008 I even manged to write a children’s book about curling and invent a curling novelty item called a Broom Charm. You can check it out

Soon after publication I developed severe back pain and have since had issues sitting for more than 15 minutes. To replace writing as my creative outlet I began learning to paint and draw. I have a wonderful teacher at and can’t imagine how I ever survived without making visual art.

With my new phone I am able to write while resting on a heating pad or stretching on the floor. I am thrilled to be writing again and just want a place to tell a few stories and feel like I’m among the living again.