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November 2016


My Mom’s birthday is (was?) November 21st. Soon. And the thought of it plagues my mind day and night.

Hearts and Tears, a meditative pattern drawing I created to help sooth my grief

I’m afraid my preoccupation with this upcoming anniversary has prompted me to withdraw socially and wrap myself in the warmth of quiet time spent in my own company. I have been rather incommunicado for a number of days now. I must admit I’ve been doing the bare minimum socially. And that’s OK.  it’s what I need.

The actual day of the birthday I will be spending in Banff with my Mom’s sister, my Auntie Lou. I’m hoping to breath in some fresh mountain air, eat fudge and perhaps enjoy a cheese fondue of which my Mom would surely approve.

So, there it is laid bare. The reason for my recent withdrawal. I’ll be back to writing on a more consistent basis just as soon as I feel I’ve given myself enough time to honour my need for quiet reflection.



Fatherly Wisdom

This is an entirely new logic bomb my Dad dropped on me the other day. It amused me so I must pass it on😊


More Sage Advice From My Dad

Growing up, any time I complained about someone doing something I thought was mean, offensive, immoral, or fucking annoying my Dad would offer up this gem to encourage me to take the high road. Watching what’s occurring in the USA elections has hammered his point home hugely and bigly😉


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